Core values

Core values

Our mission

We are unique, we spread happiness

Core values 11+1

  1. We will enchant and maintain our customers with product, service and communication quality - with UNIQUENESS
  2. We delight in new ideas and solutions and do not spare praise
  3. We give chances to talented people - we engage them in projects
  4. We are team players, competitive, mutually supportive
  5. We enjoy guest satisfaction and create an unforgettable experience
  6. We don't copy and repeat without thinking hard, we keep improving and simplifying
  7. We know and control our business numbers, only then can we influence the result
  8. We grow like a snowball, boldly – through improving people, products, services and partnerships
  9. We are a life-long learning company, so we can be the best
  10. We have a strong brand and are proud of it, yet we remain humble
  11. Failure will strengthen us and make us find the best solution– we know there's no need to despair

+1 We enrich our lives with game, we aspire to and know how to win, and celebrate.